Smoked Trout With Garlic-Herb Cheese Spread Recipe

Smoked Trout With Garlic-Herb Cheese Spread

Smoked Trout With Garlic-Herb Cheese Spread Recipe

Servings: 6-8


  • 24 Original Crisps
  • 4 oz. smoked trout, flaked into small pieces
  • 4 oz. garlic-herb cheese spread at room temperature
  • Lemon zest, sliced scallions and/or fresh parsley leaves for garnish


  • Place softened garlic-herb cheese spread in a small zip-top plastic bag and seal bag closed.
  • Snip off one corner to create a small piping bag. Place crisps on a serving platter. Using your makeshift piping bag, pipe about 1/2 tsp. on center of each crisp.
  • Top with flaked trout and sprinkle with lemon zest, scallions and parsley.
  • Finish your gorgeous platter with a few grinds of fresh black pepper and extra lemon wedges.
  • Serve your impressive creations immediately!


This recipe would work beautifully with smoked salmon or smoked mackerel instead of the trout. You can also try crème fraiche or sour cream in place of the garlic-herb cheese spread!

Make it with:

  • Original Crisps

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