Goat Cheese With Toasted Walnuts & Honey Recipe

Goat Cheese With Toasted Walnuts & Honey

Goat Cheese With Toasted Walnuts & Honey Recipe

Servings: 6-8


  • 24 Cracked Pepper Crisps
  • 4 oz. fresh goat cheese, any variety (those coated with herbs are a lovely choice!)
  • 3 oz. lightly toasted walnuts
  • 2 oz. wildflower or orange blossom honey Chives, for garnish
  • Fresh cracked black pepper


  • Fold 1 tbsp. bottled horseradish into sour cream in a small bowl. Start easy  — you can always add more to taste, but too much horseradish can be overwhelming!
  • Taste the cream, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, and add more horseradish if desired.
  • Gently spread each crisp with a thin layer of horseradish cream
  • Top with an artful tumble of sliced beef
  • Finish with thinly sliced red onion and chopped scallion or parsley, plus a grind of fresh pepper.
  • Enjoy at once!


Purchasing good-quality deli roast beef makes this recipe extremely easy, but leftover roast tenderloin would be even more delicious!

Make it with:

  • Cracked Pepper Crisps

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