Vanilla Sweet Crisps

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Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Our oh-so-satisfying Vanilla Sweet Crisps are sweet like a cookie but crisp like a cracker and are deliciously thin and irresistibly snackable. Bonus: they go with practically anything (or nothing at all) so snack away!

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12 Count
Nutrition Facts & Ingredients
Vanilla Sweet Crisps Vanilla Sweet Crisps

Sweet Like A Cookie. Crisp Like A Cracker.

  • 1
    Snack By The Handful (Or Three)
  • 2
    Add On To Your Favorite Ice Cream
  • 3
    Enjoy With Coffee Or Tea
The Crisp You Can't Resist.
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14 May 2022
Roberson Jacquelyne. roberson
United States

Great snack

This is my second time ordering, love all the flavors. Vanilla my fav. Will be a repeat customer.

11 May 2022
Vici F.
United States United States

My addiction

Love love love your sweet crisps. All 3 flavors are awesome but I’ll always like the vanilla best. My biggest issue was after tasting was finding them again. Ordering on line was easy and shipping quick. Thank you.

03 April 2022
Stacy H.
United States United States

Love them!!

I order them and then take them to work and now my coworkers eat them! I don’t have the heart to tell them to buy their own.

05 February 2022
Stacy H.
United States United States

Love them!!

They taste great and are packaged well so the crisps aren’t broken!

01 February 2022
Sara T.
United States United States

Great Crisps!

Love them! Will order more they are so sweet and crisp.

25 October 2021
Sue D.
United States United States

Love these!

They are delicious and light. A perfect nighttime snack without the guilt. I have had the cinnamon and vanilla and vanilla is my favorite.

14 October 2021
Betsy W.
United States United States

Sweet Crisps

The sweet crisps are delicious. They are the perfect accompaniment with a scoop of ice cream.

06 August 2021
Marissa B.
United States United States

One of a kind

The best cracker to have with cheese. It's extremely thin, which is near impossible to find with crackers, but out of the few that exist, this is the only one that's also flavorful. And when I say the "only one," I mean this brand/line of crackers. I haven't tried all of the flavors, but out of the ones I have, Vanilla is #1. I've tried it with a variety of dessert cheeses and it's great. My only complaint is - WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE PACKAGING?!?! It used to come in a box like all the other flavors you find in the store, but at least a year ago they started putting their "sweet crisps" line in these ziploc bags.... you just can't do that with crackers these thin. It's not logical. Now, because I only eat them with cheese, I end up throwing over half the bag away because the majority of them are shattered and not worth piling together to try to make something worth putting cheese on. I can't be the only one who's affected by this, please switch it back?

19 June 2021
Michael F.
United States United States

Mike's Crisps

Very satisfying

22 May 2021
Bette F.
United States United States

Light & Sweet

Delightful taste without being heavy. Love them!

13 May 2021
Hilary K.
United States United States

Love Sweet Crisps

I love Sweet Crisps! Light yet satisfying

30 April 2021
Jennifer K.
United States United States

So yummy!!!

Light and crispy and just the perfect amount of sweetness! Love this as a small dessert after dinner!

03 March 2021
Brand S.
United States United States

34 Crisps

This is a good product and it was delivered on time. I was well satisfied with my experience.

02 March 2021
Hilary K.
United States United States

Sweet Crisps

I love sweet crisps! They’re light, low calorie and delicious

27 February 2021
Eric V.
United States United States

Great treat!

Love them!

06 February 2021
Katherine G.
United States United States


These are my go to sweet treat!!