“The delicate but appetizing flavor and texture of 34 Degrees Crisps enhance our cheese rather than competing with it.  It is the perfect compliment for our products!”
—Mary Keehn, Cheesemaker, Cypress Grove Chevre

“What a great little cracker. It's sturdy, snappy and ever so delish with PRiMO's zingy preserves and chutneys. No wonder we picked it as our official cracker.”
— Vic Papazian, Founder,
PRiMO Specialty Foods

“Cheesemakers always look for understated crackers to highlight the attributes of their cheese. I like the crisp with a hint of pepper. It is subtle, not filling, and perfectly elegant to pair with a special artisan goat cheese.”
— Allison Hooper, Cheesemaker,
Vermont Butter & Cheese

Our crisps are usually located in the deli department of your local supermarket – near the cheese! If you’re making a special trip to the store specifically for 34 Degrees, we do recommend that you call ahead (ask for the deli) to ensure our crisps are in stock. If your favorite retailer does not carry 34 Degrees, please contact us. You may also find it convenient to purchase online at Amazon.com

34º Crisps

Using a handful of natural ingredients, we carefully bake our wafer-thin crackers until they are subtly toasty and overtly tasty.

We make five savory varieties:
Natural, Sesame, Cracked Pepper, Rosemary and Whole Grain.

What makes them so clever?

What makes them so clever?

Our (very edited) take on what makes 34° Crisps a most clever cracker:

The perfect companion to cheese.
We created these light and crispy crackers with cheese pairing in mind. Hey, if you’re paying $25 a pound for English farmhouse cheddar, you wanna taste the cheese. Our crackers set the stage for the world’s favorite cheeses without stealing the show.

Simply made, simply delicious.
We carefully blend a handful of the highest quality ingredients and bake them until they’re super-crispy and subtly toasty.

Effortless entertaining.
Our crackers are superb straight from the box, but they also play well with dips, spreads, pâté, charcuterie, tuna tartare and more. Open a box or two; serve them alongside your favorite cheese and you’ve got a stylish and tasty spread in seconds.

Clean and crisp.
They’re the thinnest, crispiest cracker around, and they’re baked with no added oil. The result is light, toasty and de-lish.

They’re good for you.
Here’s the lowdown: One serving of 34° Crisps gives you 9 satisfying crackers — all for less than 1 gram of fat.

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